Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml
Kagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml

Lightly sweetened with kabosuKagurazaka Amazake Kabosu 180ml

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  • Kagurazaka Amazake "Kabosu" made with Kabosu juice from Oita Prefecture

    Using the delicious water and rice of Saiki City, Oita Prefecture, and adding kabosu juice from Oita Prefecture to the traditional amazake made only from rice and rice malt without using any sugar or additives, it is refreshing with just the right amount of sourness. I finished it with a taste. It's not too sweet, so it's popular with people who don't like the sweetness of amazake.
    For your daily health, start a delicious and healthy amazake habit from one cup a day.

  • The gentle sweetness and aroma of the malted rice and the refreshing taste of kabosu juice.

    This is the original rice malt amazake "Kabosu" from the rice malt and amazake specialty store "Noren MURO Kagurazaka".
    Kabosu juice, which is carefully grown in the rich soil of Oita Prefecture, blends the natural sweetness of amazake with a refreshing flavor.

  • The gentle sweetness and aroma of koji spreads in your mouth, creating an elegant taste.

    Since it is non-alcoholic and non-sugar, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

  • No alcohol or sugar is used.

    The raw materials are only "rice" and "rice koji". Contains no sugar or alcohol. The enzymes in the koji transform the starch in the rice into glucose, so you can enjoy the natural sweetness without adding sugar.
    It does not contain alcohol, so even small children and pregnant women can drink it.

  • Various amazake arrangements

    Please try it according to various purposes such as nutrition, hydration, change of mood, warming the body.
    You can enjoy it not only as it is, but also as a seasoning instead of sugar, such as mixed with fruits or soy milk, sprinkled on yogurt, etc.

  • Discerning amazake

    About 1,000 types of amazake from all over the country were compared, and the specialty amazake was created through relationships with about 100 breweries.
    Ren MURO, located in Kagurazaka, which has a long history as an unloading port for fermented foods from all over Japan, will deliver with confidence in the production area, ingredients, and quality.

3 variations

  • plane

    Gentle sweetness and aroma of koji. For those who want to enjoy the original taste of rice.
  • Yuzu

    Yuzu juice from Oita Prefecture is added to create a bittersweet and sweet and sour taste.
  • Kabosu

    Kabosu juice from Oita Prefecture is added for a refreshing taste with just the right amount of sourness.
  • [Manufacturer] Saiki City, Oita Prefecture Kame no Kou Co., Ltd. (Bungo Meijo Co., Ltd.)

    Kagurazaka Amazake is our original.
    It is made by Kamenoko Co., Ltd., a sweet sake specialty factory of Bungo Meijo Co., Ltd., a long-established sake brewery in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture.
    We carry out thorough quality and hygiene management so that you can enjoy delicious and safe food.

  • A land blessed with the water, rice, and koji necessary for making amazake

    Saiki City in Oita Prefecture has the Banjo River, the clearest stream in Kyushu.
    Surrounded by abundant water resources and vast forests, the expansive rice fields make you feel the changing seasons. The sight that shines golden at the time of harvest is a masterpiece.
    Amazake, made from rice with a lot of love, does not use sugar or additives, and is a gift of nature itself.

Staff Recommendation <br> Ren MURO's original Kagurazaka amazake kabosu flavor. Kabosu juice from Oita prefecture is added. The moderately sour and refreshing taste of kabosu is combined with amazake to create an easy-to-drink mouthfeel. It is also popular with men who like less sweetness.

  • About the product

    Internal capacity
    raw materials
    Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic), kabosu juice (produced in Oita Prefecture)
    Allergens contained in this product
    expiry date
    12 months from date of manufacture at room temperature
    Preservation method
    Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun.
  • taste chart

    straight type
    ★★★☆☆ (a little sweet)
    ★☆☆☆☆ (Moderately sour)
    ★★★☆☆ (medium amount)

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