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Amazake recommended for sports,
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Why amazake is recommended for sports

Amazake made from rice malt containing 9 types of “essential amino acids” that cannot be synthesized in the body and B vitamins. It is effective for fatigue recovery, metabolism up, diet, muscle strengthening, stress relief, growth promotion, concentration improvement performance improvement and rapid fatigue recovery.
We have collected amazake recommended for fatigue recovery and body building.

Before and after sports, we recommend Amasake, which contains about 6 times more resistant protein "Resistant Protein" (RP) than commercially available amazake, which is beneficial for intestinal activity.

Recommended points from a registered dietitian

Rice koji amazake contains all 9 types of essential amino acids that are effective in strengthening muscles, relieving stress, promoting growth, improving concentration, improving performance, and rapidly recovering from fatigue.
It is a drink that children who play sports should definitely drink.

There are many ways to enjoy it♪

  • for better performance
  • for training

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