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Amazake recommended for study and work,
I prepared it!

Why amazake is recommended for study and work

If you study or work for a long time, your ability to think will decline and you will feel dazed. This is caused by a lack of glucose, the only source of energy for the brain. Amazake made from rice koji is a drink containing glucose produced by fermentation of koji mold. Similarly, by taking vitamin B group contained in rice koji amazake together, it will become energy for the brain more quickly.
We have collected amazake with a grainy texture that will fill your stomach and easy-to-drink amazake.

If you want to drink while studying or working, we recommend the easy-to-drink Shirakami Sasara.

Recommended points from a registered dietitian

When you feel tired, before an important work meeting, before an exam, or when you want to concentrate during breaks, drinking amazake before studying or working activates your brain and improves your concentration. increase.
Please use it for efficient energy charging in a limited time!

There are many ways to enjoy it♪

  • Portable and quick nutrition
  • As a substitute for light meals and late-night snacks

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