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We aim to convey the wonderfulness of fermented foods and make rice koji amazake a habit in our lives, based on the traditional koji making technique that has been handed down in sake breweries.

The water used for amazake is from Takumi River, one of the clearest streams in Kyushu. The raw materials are only carefully selected domestic rice and rice koji.
We do not use any sugar or additives, and carefully make it with the old-fashioned koji making technique.

In addition, we discussed many times and made many prototypes to find a label that would suit any occasion, such as a souvenir for sightseeing in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, where we have a physical store, or for gift-giving. I think that you can feel the goodness of Japanese tradition that is as good as amazake, which is made from nature, by using an elegant Japanese paper label.

and name. After a lot of discussion, we decided to come up with a “meaningful name that evokes a sense of tradition.” After discussing many meanings, the meaning of the edge of Tokyo Kagurazaka, history and background, we finally came up with the simple name "Kagurazaka Amazake".

Since its launch, it has become a product that many people say is “delicious”. We hope that you will enjoy our amazake, which has a solid taste with a grainy feel, an elegant and natural sweetness, a rich flavor of koji, and even a label and name.

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