Night x Amazake

Amazake recommended at night,
I prepared it!

Reasons why amazake is recommended at night

By drinking amazake at night, the gentle sweetness of nature and the aroma of koji will make you feel at ease. In addition, the amino acids contained in amazake also work to enhance the relaxing effect. By making the parasympathetic nerves easier to work at night, the intestinal function is also increased.
We have collected citrus amazake that has a relaxing effect and warm and delicious amazake.

Kagurazaka amazake is recommended for drinking at night.

Recommended points from a registered dietitian

The good thing about the diluted type is that you can drink it according to your physical condition and mood that day when you relax in the evening. You can eat it like a dessert after dinner, or mix it with hot water or your favorite tea or herbal tea.

There are many ways to enjoy it♪

  • Combined with soy milk and spices
  • Relax with hot amazake

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