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Recently, rice koji amazake, which is said to be a “drinkable drip”, has been attracting attention for its health and beauty benefits, and contains various nutrients.

Today, I will briefly explain the nutrients contained in such rice koji amazake.

① Glucose

It is made by breaking down the starch in rice with the enzymes of koji mold, and is a nutrient that serves as an energy source to move the brain and body. Amazake, which contains these ingredients, is ideal for times when you don't have time to eat, such as in the morning, because it doesn't need to be digested in the body and directly becomes energy for the brain and body. It also gives you a feeling of fullness, which helps you lose weight.

②Vitamin B group

Amazake contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin, and other essential nutrients for our bodies that are involved in protein synthesis and lipid metabolism. It promotes the metabolism of lipids, so it can help with dieting, and it activates the cells of the skin and mucous membranes, so you can expect a beautiful skin effect. Amazake, in particular, has an absorption rate of over 90%.

(3) Oligosaccharides and dietary fiber

The abundant oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in amazake are nutrients that regulate the intestinal environment. Oligosaccharides feed good bacteria, and dietary fiber traps accumulated wastes and promotes bowel movements. This will improve the intestinal environment and improve immunity.

④ Essential amino acids

Amazake contains all 9 kinds of essential amino acids that cannot be produced in the body, and it leads to various effects such as recovery from fatigue, improvement of immunity, beautiful skin effect and sound sleep effect.

⑤ Kojic acid

Kojic acid, which is produced when koji mold ferments rice, suppresses the production of melanin, which causes spots and freckles, and is expected to have a whitening effect. It also has anti-glycation and antioxidant properties, helping to prevent aging in the body.

In addition, various effects can be expected from the cooperation of the nutrients contained in amazake, such as a relaxing effect due to essential amino acids and glucose, and an anti-aging effect.

The above five are the main nutrients of rice koji amazake.
In order to experience this effect, you want to choose real rice koji amazake.

In particular, we would like you to be careful when choosing “sake lees amazake”, which is the same type of amazake.
It also contains various nutrients, but it contains a small amount of alcohol, so please be careful not to drink it by children or pregnant women.

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<Amazake to choose from characteristics>

Amazake recommended for beginners

Amazake with fruit juice Junmai Amazake (Kojiya Tohei) brown rice amazake
Amazake recommended for beginners Amazake with fruit juice Pure rice amazake brown rice amazake
A bulk purchase set of our original amazake "Kagurazaka amazake" 500ml and sweet and sour and fruity lactic acid fermented amazake "Shirakami Sasara" all flavors.
By adding sourness, sweetness and sourness are harmonized, making it easy to drink and smooth amazake. Everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy it.
Rice, koji and water.
Junmai amazake made from rice malt, which was created by multiplying only these two ingredients, has a different flavor and texture depending on who makes it.
It has a richer flavor than Tokujunmai amazake, with a moderate sweetness and a fragrant aroma.
It is also low in calories and makes a great gift for health-conscious people.
1,892 yen (tax included)
5,140 yen (tax included) 648 yen (tax included) 864 yen (tax included)

The detailed differences between rice koji amazake and sake lees amazake will be picked up in another article.

Ren MURO Kagurazaka is a store specializing in amazake made from rice malt, so we have only the real thing that you can expect these effects from.

Our staff will help you choose the sweet sake that suits you.

Let's have a healthy and rich life by drinking rice koji amazake every day.

Thank you for reading to the end.


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