Proposal to use koji amazake instead of sugar by Kenji Maehashi and Yoko Amako
Proposal to use koji amazake instead of sugar by Kenji Maehashi and Yoko Amako
Proposal to use koji amazake instead of sugar by Kenji Maehashi and Yoko Amako

More than 350 types of rich nutritional ingredientsProposal to use koji amazake instead of sugar by Kenji Maehashi and Yoko Amako

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  • "Koji amazake" is the strongest seasoning

    “Koji amazake” is not just a drink. By using it instead of sugar, it evolves into the strongest seasoning.
    If you use it for cooking as a trial, everyone's favorite oyakodon becomes a fatigue recovery bowl. Vichyssoise is a trump card against heatstroke and summer fatigue. Strawberry smoothie evolves into a healthy drink with no sugar. And 0% alcohol. 14 times more folic acid than rice supports even the birth of a healthy baby.
    The secret is the activity of more than 350 kinds of rich nutritional ingredients. They also boost the immune system of the whole body.
    This book explains how you can surprisingly easily obtain multiple health effects by using koji amazake, which has caused a big boom as a “drinkable drip”, as a substitute for sugar. We also introduce many recipes using koji amazake, from staple foods to desserts.
    Take this opportunity to use koji amazake instead of sugar in your cooking, and experience the same nutrition and immediate effect as the intravenous drip actually used in the medical field at home!

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