It is a regular amazake that you can expect beauty and health effects by continuing to drink it.
You can choose 3 delivery cycles from a total of 8 types of products.

<Regular flight products> All 8 types ・A amasake 6-bottle set [720ml], 12-bottle set [720ml]
・Kagurazaka amazake 6 bottles set [900ml], 12 bottles set [900ml]
・Shirakami Sasara 150ml 30 bottles set [Plain] [Apple] [Orange] [Yuzu]

<Delivery cycle>
3 months, 6 months, 12 months

5 benefits of regular flights

  • Free shipping on all regular flights

  • Up to 15% off regular price

  • Skip up to 3 times (postpone delivery) OK. Click here for details

  • Earn miles according to your purchases

  • Accumulated miles can be used for shopping