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"Digestion", "absorption", and "excretion", the " intestine " is responsible for the most important functions for living organisms to survive.

About 70% of the human immune cells are concentrated in the intestines , and a healthy intestine helps protect the health of the whole body.

[Flower garden in the stomach "intestinal flora"]

"Intestinal bacteria" that influence our intestinal environment.
It is said that more than 100 trillion bacteria of more than 100 types live in the intestinal mucosa, and because these various bacteria look like a flower garden, they are called "intestinal flora".

The balance of intestinal flora changes depending on various factors such as physical condition, diet, stress, age, and the use of drugs such as antibiotics .
When the intestinal flora is out of balance, it leads to physical problems such as constipation, diarrhea, rough skin, and allergies.

Our bodies are made from what we eat every day.
What you eat becomes food for intestinal bacteria, and when fermented and decomposed, it turns into substances that are easily absorbed by the body.
"Good bacteria" love a well-balanced diet.
They especially love dietary fiber, fermented foods, and oligosaccharides, and they decompose them to produce substances beneficial to the body, such as lactic acid , acetic acid , butyric acid, and B vitamins .
On the contrary, "bad bacteria" prefer high-calorie, high-fat foods.
It produces harmful substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and there is also a risk of creating substances that cause rough skin and cancer .

Therefore, it is important to be aware of your daily diet and balance the bacteria in your intestines.

[Prepare your intestines with rice koji amazake]

Amazake fermented with rice malt contains oligosaccharides and dietary fiber , and the malt itself becomes food for good bacteria.
In addition, by making the intestines weakly acidic, it also has the effect of preventing the increase of bad bacteria.
Dietary fiber stimulates the intestines and makes them move better, so by improving the passage, harmful substances in the intestines are also easier to be discharged.
The ease of "just drink" is also a point.
“Amazake Chokatsu” is also recommended for people who are busy every day.

[starting from 2 weeks]

Regularly balancing the intestinal flora and improving the intestinal environment will lead to a healthy body.
It is said that the intestinal balance changes rapidly in a short period of time, and the improvement effect appears in about two weeks .
If you are having trouble with your body, your skin, or your bowel movements, please continue drinking for 2 weeks and feel the changes in your body.
(Approximate amount of 100ml to 200ml per day)

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Let's aim for a healthy intestine with daily amazake!
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