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Today, I will explain the difference between koji amazake and sake kasu amazake.
There are actually two types of amazake: koji amazake and sake lees amazake. Perhaps there are still many people who do not know that there are two types.

Koji Amazake

It is made by mixing rice malt with cooked rice or porridge and fermenting it while keeping it warm. Because the starch contained in the rice is saccharified by enzymes, it is characterized by its natural sweetness even without using sugar. In recent years, it has been attracting attention as a natural health drink as it is so nutritious that it is also called a “drinkable intravenous drip”.
Koji amazake is often thought to contain alcohol because it uses the Chinese character for “sake”, but it is actually a non-alcoholic beverage. The MURO store specializes in this koji amazake.

Sake lees amazake

Sake lees is the strained residue that comes out when making sake. This sake lees is dissolved in water or hot water and then sweetened with sugar to make it called sake lees amazake. It's just a matter of mixing, so it's faster than koji amazake, but unlike koji amazake, it contains alcohol, and since it contains sugar, it tends to be high in calories.

Both are delicious and easy to drink, but koji amazake does not contain sugar or alcohol, so it can be safely drunk by children and adults alike.

Recently, it seems that there are many people who use it as a snack for pet dogs and cats.
It might be nice to enjoy the difference between the two types of amazake depending on the purpose.

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