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"Jokon" Brewing with heart and soul.

Kakizaki Soy Sauce Shop was founded in 1926 (the year the storehouse was purchased; the exact year of establishment is unknown). Kakizaki Soy Sauce Store's main storehouse, built in the early Meiji period, is home to various types of bacteria such as yeast and lactic acid bacteria that have been passed down from generation to generation for over 100 years. is made.

In this main storehouse, there are rows of wooden barrels for aging soy sauce, which is rare these days. In the summer, the breathing of the moromi can be heard as a big chorus. Important fungi live in the wooden barrels and grow moromi.

It is a soy sauce store that has been making soy sauce with all its heart, in gratitude for the bacteria that have lived there since its founding.

Through many activities such as "valuing relationships between people," "local production for local consumption," "aiming to contribute to the community through food education," and "aiming to be a soy sauce shop that is loved around the world," We will continue to work as a company that is loved by everyone, devoting ourselves to the creation of food and the development of food culture.

This amazake made at Kakizaki Soy Sauce Store is made with malted rice from Shimane prefecture's organic non-glutinous rice. It has a thick and rich texture, and when mixed with milk, it becomes sweet like condensed milk.

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