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Rice koji amazake is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.
Compared to white rice, kome-koji amazake, which uses brown rice, contains antioxidants and ingredients that suppress active enzymes that cause aging, so it has anti-aging and whitening effects. You can It is said that brown rice is generally more nutritious than white rice, and the same is true for amazake.
It has a richer flavor than junmai amazake, and is less sweet and fragrant.
It is also low in calories and makes a great gift for health-conscious people.

As with junmai amazake, the taste, aroma, thickness, and texture of the same brown rice amazake are completely different depending on the type of brown rice and water used, as well as the type of koji mold that each producer is particular about.
One way to enjoy amazake is to taste and compare the differences in taste, aroma, and texture.

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