Amazake Recommended for Beginners

The raw materials of rice koji amazake are rice and rice koji. It is made with non-sugar and non-alcohol.
If you don't like amazake, you may not like the unique scent of sake lees, so let's start with rice koji amazake!

There are 3 points to choose for the first time.
1: Amazake that does not have a grainy feel If you choose a rice koji amazake that has a smooth texture and a low concentration, it will be relatively easy to drink. Each product page also contains information on graininess. Under 50 , you won't feel the grainy feeling so much.
2: Contains fruit juice The other is a series containing fruit juice. People who don't like the sweet flavor of amazake will find it easy to drink.
3: Size "Is it possible to drink even one bottle?"
Why don't you start with the drinking type at first?
Any mini bottle or pouch type would be a good size to try.