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A rice cracker shop in Hyogo Prefecture, founded in 1952.

Usually, the dough for rice crackers is purchased, baked and seasoned, but since our establishment, we have been particular about production from rice to completion.

Yamadanishiki amazake is made from the same broken rice used to make Yamadanishiki rice crackers, and is made at the request of Food Design Office. Because it is broken rice, if you look closely, you can see small and large grains, and the size is different, which is unique to the senbei maker.

We are particular about using Yamada Nishiki rice, which is a phantom sake brewing rice, as a raw material, and it is finished in an easy-to-drink and delicious amazake that draws out the goodness of Yamada Nishiki. "Yamada Nishiki" is highly regarded as the best raw material for producing supreme sake, and is said to be the only variety for making daiginjo and ginjo sake.

In addition, the rice malt is also based on Yamada Nishiki, and it seems that Ibaraki Sake Brewery in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture is making it.

Yamadanishiki amazake, made with 100% Yamadanishiki, is recommended for both sake lovers and beginners.

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