pollen? Yellow sand? Repel the following upset with amazake! "Moisturizing mucous membrane" boosts immunity

This time of year is easy to be unstable both physically and mentally due to environmental changes such as new life.

With the temperature difference between morning and evening, pollen and yellow sand, are you still suffering from cold-like sore throats, runny noses, and rough skin?

At times like this, you want to take care of ′′ immune power up ′′ more than usual.

The basics of self-care to protect the body
"Balanced diet"
"Sufficient sleep"
"Exercise to improve blood circulation" .

And especially during this period, I want to cherish the "nose, mouth, and throat" .

These are covered with "mucous membrane" and are always vulnerable to attack from the outside even in the body, and inflammation is likely to occur.

[Protect the body with moist mucous membranes]

If the "mucous membrane" is dry or inflamed, the immunity to fight bacteria and viruses will decrease .

Moisturizing the mucosa is the key to maintaining a high level of immunity.

And the "intestine " is important for "moisturizing the mucosa" .
About 70% of the immune cells in the whole body are gathered in the intestines.

When the intestinal environment deteriorates, the intestinal mucosa becomes weak and easily damaged, making it easier for harmful substances and harmful bacteria to enter the body, creating a vicious circle.
Therefore, by improving the intestinal environment that cooperates with the immune cells involved in the mucosa, the mucous membrane becomes healthy and the immune system can be enhanced.

[Mucous membrane care ➡️ Immunity UP with rice koji amazake ]

The shortcut to improving the intestinal environment is “daily meals” .

Daily intake of fermented food , rice koji amazake , leads to an increase in good bacteria and helps to improve the intestinal environment.

Rice koji amazake, which contains ingredients that promote skin moisturization and vitamin B group that promotes skin metabolism, is also ideal for healthy and moist skin.
You can expect a pleasant effect according to the rough skin and fluctuation of the skin that you are worried about this season.

In addition, glucose turns on the metabolic switch of the body, and amino acids and GABA can be expected to have a relaxing effect , so it can be used for mental care such as disturbance of the autonomic nervous system.

Amazake x citric acid recommended for boosting immunity! "Sukkiri Amazake"

A cup of amazake every day will boost your immune system!
Would you like to make a body that keeps your malfunction at bay?

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