Intestinal activity with elite good bacteria "butyric acid bacteria"!

A healthy intestine is a shortcut to beauty and health.

In order to maintain good health, I think there are many people who are doing "intestinal activity" to prepare the body from the inside.

Recently, we often hear the word "bacteria activity" that grows bacteria in the intestines.

What kinds of "intestinal bacteria" are involved in various functions in our intestines and influence the intestinal environment?

[What are good bacteria and bad bacteria? ]

Our intestinal mucosa is inhabited by more than 100 trillion bacteria of more than 100 types.

This is called "intestinal flora" , and this balance changes depending on various factors such as physical condition, diet, stress, age, and the use of medicines such as antibiotics.

"Good bacteria" are useful bacteria that keep the intestines in good condition, suppress the growth of bad bacteria, help digestion and absorption of food, enhance the body's immunity, and help maintain our health. It works.

On the other hand, "bad bacteria" are called harmful bacteria, and they decompose proteins in the intestines, cause inflammation, and produce carcinogenic substances.

When the intestines are dominated by harmful bacteria (bad bacteria), not only are there visible effects such as abnormal bowel movements and rough skin, but harmful substances also reduce the digestive and absorptive capacity of the intestines, making it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients. It will not get through.

If the intestinal balance is disrupted by bad bacteria, aging will be accelerated, and the risk of carcinogenesis, allergies, hypertension, diabetes, etc. will also increase.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the intestinal balance in which good bacteria are dominant.

[Elite of good bacteria "butyric acid bacteria"]

What you need to know about intestinal activity is the existence of "butyric acid (producing) bacteria" .

It is an intestinal bacterium that produces “butyric acid”, which is a “short-chain fatty acid” .

“Short-chain fatty acids” are a type of organic acid produced by intestinal bacteria in our intestines.
By making the intestines weakly acidic, it suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria (bad bacteria) and helps create an environment where useful bacteria (good bacteria) can live.
In addition, various health effects such as adjustment of immune function, prevention of obesity, prevention of intestinal inflammation, and relieving constipation by promoting intestinal peristalsis are attracting attention.

Only "butyric acid bacteria" can produce "butyric acid".
It plays a very important role in keeping the intestinal flora (intestinal flora) in a healthy state.

There are also research results that this butyric acid bacterium was found in large numbers in the intestines of healthy long-lived people and first-class athletes.
It is said that if there are many butyric acid bacteria, it is effective for dieting.

[Grow "butyric acid bacteria" with Amasake]

Amazake fermented with rice malt is rich in oligosaccharides and dietary fiber that feed good bacteria, and is rich in dietary fiber. ” is increased.

MURO's original "Amasake" contains about 6 times more resistant protein "Resistant Protein," which absorbs excess lipids and cholesterol in the intestines and excretes them from the body.

This resistant protein (RP) has been shown to increase the intestinal occupancy of butyric acid bacteria and Faecalibacterium.

Amasake is also highly recommended for those who want to achieve intestinal activity and diet for maintaining health .

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Why don't you build a healthy body from the inside with rice koji amazake that produces "butyric acid", an elite of good bacteria and longevity bacteria?

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