The thoughts that Noren MURO, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake, wants to deliver

Thank you for purchasing amazake in stores and online.

At our store, we always have about 100 varieties of amazake from Hokkaido to Okinawa, carefully selected based on our own selection criteria for flavor and ingredients.

The actual store is located in Kagurazaka, a food town that once prospered as a shipping port for fermented foods such as rice, miso, soy sauce, and sake.

We are spreading the charm of amazake from this historic land.

The store name " MURO ", which is often asked by customers,

It is derived from [Room: MURO], which is a special room where the brewery "makes koji".

Originally, miso, soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, sweet sake, etc.

We started with a shop that sells fermented foods made from "malted rice".

Among them, there are two reasons why we started to specialize in "Amazake".

The first is the amazake love of the staff and employees.

When we started taking amazake every day,

Gradually, the condition of my stomach and my bowel movements improved, and I stopped catching a cold.

Furthermore, such as improving the paste of makeup,

We all realized its goodness and became completely captivated by amazake.

Secondly, we learned that many athletes regularly come to buy amazake and use it to manage their physical condition.

There must be something about this, and I wanted to know more about the reason, so I started research.

It was the trigger for the amazake specialty store.

Based on the concept of "contributing to people's healthy lives both physically and mentally through amazake" ,

All of the amazake they handle is non-alcoholic rice koji amazake.

As a standard of a specialty store, all the staff have tasted,

First, it's delicious.

Secondly, the ingredients such as malted rice, rice, and water are top-notch, and no sugar, salt, or chemical additives are used.

Thirdly, the producers' ideas for making things are reflected in their activities and attitudes.

We have selected from the following points of view.

At the store, staff who are amazake lovers and amazake connoisseurs, such as registered dietitians and fermented food sommeliers, will ask you about your constitution and preferences.

We propose the type of amazake that suits our customers and how to drink it.

We also have a tasting service, so if you have a chance to visit us, please let us know.

Among the many carefully selected amazake,

By all means, meet your favorite book and your favorite maker,

We hope that it will be useful for your daily physical and mental health.