Concentration UP! Amazake to charge your brain and body with energy

It's been a bit colder since the new year.
Ladies and gentlemen, are you feeling well?

I think that many people are busy at this time of year, with working adults starting to work and students preparing for entrance exams.

I hope you can switch from the new year's holiday mode and start.

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["Glucose" for brain fatigue recovery ]

If you study or work for a long time, your ability to think will decline and you will feel dazed•••.
This is caused by a lack of glucose , the brain's only source of energy.

Glucose is a decomposed form of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, etc. to be absorbed by the body.
Some foods contain glucose in the form of
For example, there are fruits such as grapes and bananas, honey, and ramune sweets.

Rice koji amazake is also a drink that contains glucose produced by fermentation of koji mold.

Also, by ingesting vitamin B group contained in rice koji amazake together, it will quickly become energy for the brain.

Taking amazake before studying or working activates the brain and improves concentration .

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["Vitamin B group" that produces energy for the body ]

B vitamins help the body metabolize (break down) carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids into energy .

The B vitamins and amino acids contained in amazake have the function of creating blood, improving circulation, and warming the body from the inside.

In addition, amazake is called a “drinkable drip” because it contains glucose, amino acids, and vitamins in a well-balanced manner, and is effective in recovering from fatigue and physical strength.

It is also recommended for nutritional support and maintenance of the intestinal environment when you are unwell.

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In addition to "glucose + vitamin B group", rice malt amazake is a variety of nutrients such as oligosaccharides and dietary fiber.

When you feel tired, before an important work meeting, before an exam, during breaks, or when you want to increase your concentration.
Please use it for efficient energy charging in a limited time!

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Ren MURO Kagurazaka, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake

A store specializing in rice koji and amazake, based on the concept of "contributing to people's health in mind and body through amazake."

Amazake is all alcohol-free, sugar-free, and additive-free.

We carry a large number of rice koji and amazake products from breweries all over Japan.

We hope that you will find your favorite amazake from among the many carefully selected amazake and meet your favorite maker and use it for your daily physical and mental health.