For skin that can withstand the fluctuations of spring! What are the effects on the skin that can be expected from rice koji amazake? |Ren MURO, a store specializing in rice malt and amazake [official mail order]

Hello, this is Suzuki, a registered dietitian at Ren MURO Kagurazaka.

Half of March has passed, and the warm and cheerful days are increasing.

Finally, we are free from the cold and dryness of the long winter.

spring flowers ultraviolet rays

Spring is a happy season when flowers start to bloom and you can't help but want to go out.
On the other hand, in March, when there are many temperature differences and environmental changes, the body and mind are likely to become unstable, and it is also a time when the effects are easily visible on the skin.

Although the season of severe dryness has passed, there are still many people who are concerned about dry skin.

In fact, the skin of this time of year is in a state of accumulation of dry damage during the winter.

As a result, the barrier function and moisturizing function of the skin are reduced, and skin turnover is easily disturbed.

In addition, external damage such as pollen and ultraviolet rays can cause rough skin, spots, and freckles.

While taking care of your skin from the outside , such as moisturizing and sun protection, with cosmetics that match your skin,
In addition, I would like to takecare of my skin from the inside with foods and drinks every day to protect my skin, which is easily fluctuating during this season.

Skin fluctuating skin dry UV rays

[What effects can be expected from rice koji amazake on the skin this time of year]

① Increased amount of ceramide, a skin moisturizing ingredient

Ceramide is said to be an essential moisturizing ingredient for the skin.

" Glucosylceramide ", which is bound to glucose, is a raw material of ceramide, and is known to be abundant in fermented foods using koji, such as rice koji amazake, miso and soy sauce.

It is thought that this glucosylceramide increases the amount of ceramide in the skin , which enhances the barrier function of the skin and increases the moisture content .

Therefore, it is very important to increase the amount of ceramides for the skin in this season when the barrier function is weakened due to the dryness of the long winter.

② UP skin metabolism

Rice malt amazake is rich in B vitamins , which are said to be vitamins for beautiful skin.
Vitamin B group promotes metabolism of the skin , so it prepares the turnover that is easily disturbed in spring.

By normalizing the turnover, it is easier to keep the skin in good condition, such as healing pimples faster.

③ Suppress melanin production

The toji, who makes sake, is famous for his beautiful white hands.

What brings about this is " kojic acid " contained in koji, which is also the raw material of rice koji amazake.

Kojic acid has the effect of suppressing the production of melanin, which causes spots and dullness , and is especially pleasing in the coming season.

It is also used in cosmetics as a whitening ingredient.

Amazake Skin Care Amazake Seikatsu

With a diet that incorporates a cup of rice malt amazake every day,
I'd like to keep my skin moisturized with good metabolism and not lose to spring's external damage .

Especially in the coming season, UV rays will increase more and more, so
It is important to keep taking it with the awareness of making your skin resistant to UV rays.

Let's aim for healthy and beautiful skin with delicious rice malt amazake that makes your body happy!

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Author: Store staff/administrative dietitian After graduating from university, engaged in nutrition management and nutrition guidance at a hospital for about 5 years.
After that, he worked as a nutrition teacher at a high school and a university.
After coming to Kanto due to my husband's job transfer, I am working as an exclusive registered dietitian at a store specializing in amazake.
I am maintaining remission of my ulcerative colitis with my daily amazake life.

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