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Hello, this is Suzuki, a registered dietitian at Ren MURO Kagurazaka.

About a month and a half has passed since the beginning of the new year.

Especially from January to March when I feel that the days pass quickly.
People in the olden days felt the same way, so much so that there is a play on the word ``January goes away, February runs away, and March leaves.''

At this time of year, there are probably many people who are preparing to take entrance exams or who are busy with work ahead of personnel changes.

Study Amazake Concentration

[Brain fatigue is insufficient]

If you study or work for a long time, your thinking ability will decline and you will not be able to make progress as you wish...
I think this is something that everyone experiences on a daily basis.

The brain consumes a lot of energy while working.

For this reason, if you continue to use your brain, you will run out of energy and your head will be in a drowsy state.

This is caused by a lack of glucose , the brain's only source of energy .

In the first place, glucose is a form that has been decomposed to absorb carbohydrates such as rice, bread, noodles, and potatoes into the body.
Some foods contain glucose in the form of sugar, such as fruits such as grapes and bananas, honey, and ramune sweets.

Amazake made from rice koji is also a drink that contains glucose produced by the fermentation of koji mold .

Rice koji amazake amazake fermented

[Efficiently converts glucose into energy 〇〇]

Glucose, which quickly becomes nutrition for the body,
In fact, if you take something together, you can turn it into energy more efficiently.

 It is a vitamin B group that is also included in rice koji amazake.

 By ingesting glucose and vitamin B group at the same time, it becomes energy for the brain more quickly.

Rice malt amazake Shirakami Sasara apple amazake lactobacillus amazake

Just before a meeting that requires concentration, during a break on an exam day, etc.
Rice malt amazake is perfect for when you want to efficiently charge your brain with energy in a limited amount of time. 

If you feel tired in your brain, drink rice malt amazake, which contains glucose and B vitamins.
Let's quickly restore the concentration of the brain!

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Author: Store staff/administrative dietitian After graduating from university, engaged in nutrition management and nutrition guidance at a hospital for about 5 years.
After that, he worked as a nutrition teacher at a high school and a university.
After coming to Kanto due to my husband's job transfer, I am working as an exclusive registered dietitian at a store specializing in amazake.
I am maintaining remission of my ulcerative colitis with my daily amazake life.

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