Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL
Cellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL

Convenient one-push container for everyday useCellermate One Push Convenient Bottle 300mL

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  • It is a one-push type bottle that is recommended for reducing working hours.

    A convenient bottle that can be used immediately with just one push. It can be used as a storage container for refilling seasonings, homemade seasonings, grated cheese, etc.

  • Bottles perfect for storing homemade seasonings and dressings

    As well as refilling seasonings and ingredients, it comes with a recipe that allows you to challenge yourself to make your own seasoning, so feel free to try it. Why don't you enrich your usual life by making a versatile sauce or your favorite dressing?

  • Shake OK, less liquid dripping

    The lid closes tightly so it won't spill even if you tilt it. You can use it after shaking.
    The spout is also resistant to dripping, and after use, the parts can be removed for easy cleaning.

  • Design that fits your dining table

    Seasonings and dressings that enhance the flavor of your food. The design that can be served on the table as it is can be used according to the scene and purpose.

  • Various ways to use. As for the preservation of sugar and the syrup◎

    In addition to seasonings, it is also suitable for storing liquids such as seasoning amazake, honey and syrup, and powders such as sugar, powdered cheese, and furikake.
    The wide mouth allows you to use it without stress even if it is easy to clump or large and difficult to clog.

  • looking forward to home time

    Mix the preserved fruit sauce and soda to make your favorite drink. You can enjoy your time at home.

  • A feeling of size that fits perfectly in the kitchen or refrigerator

    With a body diameter of 68 mm and a height of 145 mm, it is just the right size to fit comfortably in the door pocket of a refrigerator, giving it a clean and unified look.
    One of the attractions is that you can quickly take it out and use it immediately. Easy-to-use 300ml size that fits in the palm of your hand.

  • The clear glass allows you to see how much is left at a glance.

    Whether liquid or powder, you can see the remaining amount at a glance. Since it is a storage container with a sense of transparency, there is a sense of cleanliness even if it is placed in the kitchen or dining table.

  • It can be disassembled and washed, so you can always keep it clean.

    <bottle body> Uses soda glass that does not easily transfer odors. 〈Metal fittings〉 Uses strong and rust-resistant 18-8 stainless steel. If the surface is slightly dirty, the stainless steel film will be regenerated by rubbing the surface. <rubber seal> Uses silicone rubber that complies with the Food Sanitation Act. It is resistant to heat and chemicals, is resistant to deformation, and maintains airtightness.

    Cellermate's one-push convenience bottle, which can be used with one hand and is useful for saving time, looks like a complicated structure at first glance, but it can be disassembled into the lid, packing, metal fittings, and bottle. Because it is used so frequently, we want to make it easy to wash everyday dishes.
    It is a bottle that is particular about ease of use and materials.

  • As a gift for loved ones

    A convenient one-push bottle that can be used according to your lifestyle and taste preferences. It can be used properly according to the scene and purpose, and it is easy to clean, so it is also recommended as a small gift for your friends and family.

  • Handling method

    <Precautions for use> Do not pour boiling water over it as it may cause damage.
    Microwave and oven cannot be used.
    Do not stir with a metal object such as a spoon.
    Do not lay it on its side as it may cause leakage. <Disinfection method> Wipe the inside of the bottle and the mouth of the bottle with commercially available tableware disinfecting alcohol, white liquor (35 degrees), etc. <How to disassemble and assemble> Please refer to the attached label for instructions on how to disassemble and assemble the product.

Disassembly procedure

  • Step 1

    Press the hook to open the lid
  • Step2

    Squeeze your finger with a wire and remove the lid from the lid stopper
  • Step3

    Remove the lid stop from the metal fittings
  • Step4

    Finish by removing the metal fittings from the bottle

Assembly procedure

  • Step 1

    Align the fitting with the groove of the bottle while keeping the plate spring inside the hook in contact with the recess of the bottle.
  • Step2

    While holding the metal fittings with your hand, insert the lid with the stamped "ue" facing up.
  • Step3

    Squeeze the wire with your fingers and insert it into the lid stop to complete
  • with recipe

    Includes instructions with recipes

Staff Recommendations <br>The transparent and clean storage bin is a popular item because it is hygienic and the contents can be seen. Various sizes are available, so please use them according to your needs.

  • About the product

    Body diameter 68mm x Height 145mm x Diameter 40mm
    300 mL
    Container body: soda glass
    Lid: Polypropylene
    Hardware: 18-8 stainless steel
    Packing: Silicon rubber
    Seisho Cellarmate
  • Notes

    Usage prohibited
    Dishwasher, microwave oven, open fire, oven, IH, grill
    *Please note that this is not a heat-resistant container.
    *Do not use dishwasher or microwave.
    * Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly depending on the PC environment you view.

About returns and exchanges

Please note that due to the nature of food products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for opened products or for customer convenience.

About defective products

We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that there is a defect in the product, damage during delivery, or incorrect delivery due to our store, please contact us within 7 days from the arrival of the product. We will exchange it for you.
* In this case, the shipping fee will be borne by our shop.

About expiration date

Except for items with a specified expiration date, such as sale items, we deliver items with an expiration date of two months or more from the date of order. This is because we believe that even if the expiration date is at least two months, you can enjoy it safely and deliciously.
From the perspective of eliminating food loss, please understand that we cannot respond to requests for products with a long expiration date.
* Due to inventory management reasons, we are unable to respond to specific inquiries regarding the expiration date of the inventory, such as when the expiration date is. Thank you for your understanding.

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