Meito Miso Honpo mail order|Ren MURO of rice malt and amazake specialty store [official mail order]

Famous Sword Miso Honpo

In 1954, the founder established "Koji Kogen" by making use of his experience as a soy sauce engineer.

Amazake, Hishio, and Miso were added to the line of products, and the second generation, who studied microbes at university, took over the business and changed the name of the store to Meito Miso Honpo.
In the Heisei era, the third generation, who learned brewing in Tokyo, joined us, and while incorporating the times, we are particular about the old-fashioned manufacturing method, which spares no time and effort.

With family bonds fascinated by the depth of fermentation in our hearts, we work hard every day to deliver genuine deliciousness.

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