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"Tenryo Sake Brewery" was founded in 1680 and currently has a brewery in Gero City, Gifu Prefecture.

This year marks the 340th anniversary of our founding.

Its origins date back to the Edo period.

A person named Hinoya Sabei Honshu was a peddler who traveled around the country, but after that, he was attracted by the kindness of the people of Hida Takayama and the beautiful nature, so he settled here and started making sake while selling goods. rice field.

The spirit of Mr. Sabei Hinoya, who loved Hida's nature and humanity, has been handed down to the current eighth generation.

Even today, we continue to preserve traditional sake brewing by using abundant natural water pumped up from 30m underground in the Hida Mountains, the rice suitable for sake brewing "Hidahomare" grown in the blessings of the water, and rice koji made from that rice. .

Tenryo Sake Brewery's amazake, which is not only particular about its ingredients, but also has thorough "quality control", uses Hidahomare rice, which is suitable for sake brewing from Gifu Prefecture, and makes the most of the natural water of the Hida Mountains. Amazake with a rich flavor.

It is put in a rare bottle for the diluted type, and it is popular with people who drink amazake every day and those who enjoy it with their families.

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