Amazake x Spice

Adding a small amount of spices to amazake adds spiciness to the sweetness and adds depth to the flavor. At the same time as the nutrition of amazake, you can also incorporate various health effects of spices.

  • about 5 minutes

Ingredients (for 1 person)

Spice *Please adjust the amount according to your taste.
a little
Milk *Adjust the amount to your liking
moderate amount


Please enjoy various spices according to your physical condition and mood.
● Cinnamon
Blood flow improvement, digestion promotion, antibacterial, swelling improvement effect, etc.
Digestion promotion, relaxation, deodorant effect, etc.
● Ginger
Cold sensitivity promotion, digestion promotion, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, etc.

how to make

  • Sprinkle commercially available cinnamon or cardamom sticks or powder on warm amazake, and pour an appropriate amount of milk to complete. *This time, we added cinnamon, cardamom, and milk to make a chai latte.


Do you have any other recommendations?
Yes, you can enjoy our original hot amazake by blending your favorite tea leaves using commercially available tea bags or powder. If you add an appropriate amount of ginger to your liking, you can expect a gentle effect on the body to prevent cold in winter and fatigue in summer.

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