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Hello, this is Suzuki, a registered dietitian at Ren MURO Kagurazaka.

The temperature is dropping day by day, and the sun is setting earlier.

It's the season when you're worried about the coldness of your body and the decline in your immune system, so I'd like to prepare to maintain my physical condition.

Since it's getting colder, more and more people are coming to the store wanting to incorporate amazake.

In addition, there are still people who are concerned about the health of their families and people around them, so there are always people who receive amazake as a gift.

Kagurazaka Amazake Amazake Gift

The other day, we prepared an amazake gift for a customer who came to the store to send amazake to a friend's baby gift.

We feel honored every time a customer chooses amazake to celebrate the physical health of a mother who is having a hard time giving birth or breastfeeding.

Baby gifts Amazake gifts Baby gifts

After giving birth, as your body recovers, it begins to produce milk.

Taking care of a baby can cause sleep deprivation and changes in the rhythm of life, so it is also a time when it is easy to get sick.
Hormones in the body change significantly, so some people feel depressed and have anxiety symptoms.

During this time, it is important to get plenty of rest and get the nutrients your body needs to recover and breastfeed.

The basic rule is to eat a well-balanced diet, but there are times when you may not be able to get enough nutrition from meals or when your nutrition may be biased due to your physical condition or busy schedule.

It is reassuring at such times that rice malt amazake is used.

Hot Amazake Amazake

Amazake is said to be a “drinkable drip”, and contains abundant nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, and other vitamins that have been decomposed into a well-digested state by the power of koji.

While drinking deliciously, it leads to postpartum physical care, such as recovery of the body after childbirth, improvement of constipation that tends to be seen during breastfeeding, stress relief, and better breast milk.

Of course, non-alcoholic, non-sugar. You can drink with confidence.

~Benefits of postpartum moms drinking amazake~

[Recovery of the body and recovery from fatigue]
The essential and non-essential amino acids contained in amazake, as well as the B vitamins that increase metabolism, promote the body's repair and decomposition of fatigue substances, and convert what you eat into energy, giving your body power. .

[Improvement of constipation]
Many people suffer from constipation while breastfeeding because the milk easily absorbs water.
The dietary fiber and oligosaccharides contained in amazake increase the number of good bacteria, improve the intestinal environment, and activate the peristaltic movement of the intestines to improve regularity.

[Relief of stress]
The glucose contained in amazake relaxes the tired brain, and the gentle sweetness makes the heart feel relieved.

[Improvement of breast milk quality]
It is said that if you eat too many fatty dishes and sweets, your breast milk will become muddy and your mammary glands will become clogged.
Focusing on Japanese food and supplementing with nutritious food such as amazake will make your breast milk easier to drink and will please your baby.

Mama Baby Amazake Gift

Amazake made from rice koji has many benefits for both mothers and babies.

A sweet sake gift that can be filled with the feeling of thinking about the health of the mother and the growth of the baby.

We have a wide variety of amazake, from plain amazake to easy-to-drink fruit amazake and lactobacillus amazake.

We will prepare amazake gifts according to your wishes, so please feel free to contact us.

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Author: Store staff/administrative dietitian After graduating from university, engaged in nutrition management and nutrition guidance at a hospital for about 5 years.
After that, he worked as a nutrition teacher at a high school and a university.
After coming to Kanto due to my husband's job transfer, I am working as an exclusive registered dietitian at a store specializing in amazake.
I am maintaining remission of my ulcerative colitis with my daily amazake life.

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