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Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.

It's the latter half of August , and although the daytime heat continues, the mornings and nights are getting a little cooler.


In my last blog, I wrote about why amazake is good for summer. I would be happy if someone started drinking this as a countermeasure against summer fatigue.

Of course, you can drink amazake as it is, but have you ever wanted to try something a little different?

Therefore, in this blog, I would like to introduce an amazake smoothie that is recommended for those who want to add an arrangement.


As I introduced in my previous blog, amazake has been popular since the Edo period as a nutritious drink essential for surviving summer.

Amazake, which is rich in nutrients, does not contain all nutrients, and in fact, it does not contain vitamin C , which is one of the essential nutrients to prevent summer fatigue.


Vitamin C helps improve immunity, prevents heart disease and arteriosclerosis due to its antioxidant action, and increases resistance to stress.

Vitamin C , along with vitamin B1 , is one of the nutrients you want to actively consume in the summer, as the heat can easily cause stress both physically and mentally.

Foods rich in vitamin C include sour fruits such as citrus and kiwi, as well as vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

Amazake smoothie, which combines amazake and vitamin C -containing fruits, is a recommended drink for the season when summer fatigue remains.

The basic recipe is to use a 1 : 1 ratio of amazake and soy milk (or milk), reduce the amount of amazake by the weight of the fruit added, and mix all the ingredients with a juicer or mixer.

In this recipe, I will introduce soy milk as a base. Soymilk is rich in soybean-derived proteins and soy isoflavones that help keep women looking youthful.

Also, if you add extracts such as ginger juice or lemon juice, you don't have to reduce the amount of amazake. If you want to drink it cold, add ice if you like. *There is a possibility that the blades of the mixer or juicer will spill, so keep an eye on the situation as you add it.

The amazake used is introduced in the straight type. For a concentrated version, add 1 cup of water or ice.

"Blueberry amazake smoothie"

75-80 g amazake, 100 ml soy milk, 25-20 g blueberries, lemon juice  1 tablespoon, ice to taste

・Mix soy milk and blueberries with a mixer, add amazake and lemon juice, and mix evenly to complete.

* If you like, you can replace half of the soy milk (or milk) with yogurt, and you can also take in the yogurt's lactic acid bacteria for a refreshing taste. Fruits other than blueberries can also be delicious.


"Ginger amazake smoothie"

100 g amazake, 100 ml soy milk, 1 piece of grated ginger, ice to taste

・Mix all ingredients with a mixer.

*If you like, you can add honey to add the full-bodied sweetness and antibacterial action of honey, and the spiciness of ginger will be mild.


"Black sesame banana amazake smoothie"

Amazake 50g , soy milk 100ml , banana 50g , ground black sesame 1 tablespoon, ice   preference

・Mix all ingredients with a mixer.

* Sesamin, anthocyanin, and vitamin E contained in black sesame have a strong antioxidant effect, and unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid are effective in reducing bad cholesterol.

Adding a banana will make you feel fuller. It is also recommended to add leafy vegetables such as Japanese mustard spinach and spinach instead of black sesame if you like.


Adding fruits to amazake gives it a refreshing taste, so it is especially recommended during the season when delicious fruits are on the market.

You can easily mix the ingredients with a mixer, so please try it now that you have a long time at home.

Thank you for reading to the end today.




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