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Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.

It's been a sudden summer day here, with the highest temperature exceeding 30 degrees.

In fact, at Ren, we cherish the 24 solar terms, which represent the changing seasons in Japan. As you can see when you come to our store, we have signs for each of the twenty-four solar terms, and we cherish the traditions and delicate changes of the seasons that the Japanese have cherished since ancient times.

And there are " 72 seasons " that further divide the twenty-four solar terms, and from Mother's Day (May 10), it entered "Earthworm appearance".

Worms come out of the soil after hibernating. Other creatures appear during the Keichitsu period from March 5th to 20th, but earthworms start their activity later and fertilize the soil.

In the same way, we have gradually started to move outside.

However, there is a possibility that there will be more people who get sick due to heat stroke, etc. by going outside while their physical strength is not returning. Maybe some people will lose their appetite.

At times like that, I'd like you to drink rice koji amazake. Summer is the season for amazake, as used in haiku for summer season words. Since the Edo period, it has supported ordinary people who suffer from the heat.

Today, even more amazake is made than in the Edo period, and we carry a wide variety of them.

Among them, I would like to introduce the amazake that is especially recommended this time of year.


One day koji brown rice amazake (Yamato soy sauce and miso store, Ishikawa prefecture)

This amazake is a combination of brown rice amazake and vegetable lactic acid bacteria, and contains citric acid, etc., and is particularly nutritious amazake among MURO . The richness of the brown rice and the firm sourness of the lactic acid bacteria and citric acid work well during this season when you want to recover your physical strength. It is popular among women who usually care about their health and beauty. In the same series, there is also a purple version with adlay added, but the standard white version is easier to drink, so please try this one. “Amazake with carbonated water” introduced in the previous blog is recommended for this hot season.

〇KagurazakaAmazake Kabosu (Bungo Brewery, Oita Prefecture)

This amazake is a sweet sake that I would like you to drink cold or carbonated during this hot season. The original is sweet and the aftertaste is smooth, so many people have requested a taste that is not too sweet. If you put it in a thermos bottle, freeze it, and take it with you when you go out in this hot season, it will also help prevent heatstroke. It is also recommended as a gift for Father's Day at this time of year.

Both are amazake that will give you the "vitality" to start moving in this time of great change. Please try by all means try.

Of course, get enough sleep, eat nutritious food, and stay hydrated.

Thank you very much for reading to the end today.



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