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Hello. This is Ren MURO , a store specializing in rice koji amazake.

I think there are many of you who have finished GW and started work.

Now that many adults and children are at home, many mothers, in particular, may be worried about snacks for their children every day.

"I don't have time, so I can't think of anything, so I'm going to let you eat store-bought sweets," said the mother.

On this occasion, why not try koji amazake as a snack?


As I introduced in my previous blog, koji amazake contains various nutrients such as B vitamins and essential amino acids, so even if you don't put vegetables in your snacks, you can get a lot of nutrition. can. Also, it contains a lot of dietary fiber, so it is easy to feel full.

Glucose, which is the sweetness of koji amazake, quickly turns into energy and has a gentle sweetness, so if you feed it from an early age (koji amazake is OK from around the late stage of baby food), you can develop a taste that does not require the strong sweetness of sugar. increase.


The more I listen to it, the more attractive it is (^^)

However, it still contains a lot of sugar, so be careful not to overdo it. ( The recommended daily intake for adults is 100-200ml , so use less than that.)


However, I think that some children who do not usually drink amazake will not drink it even if it is served as it is.

In such a case, let's replace amazake and sugar when making snacks.

The standard for replacement is roughly the ratio of [ 2 parts amazake (concentrated) to 1 part sugar ].

For example, hot cakes are very popular with children.

Actually, even if you don't have pancake mix, you can make it with flour, baking powder and sugar. So, just use amazake instead of sugar and reduce the amount of water (milk, etc.), and the “Amazake Hotcake” is complete!

It's easy, so please try it ♪


Today, I talked about sweet sake that I want my children to drink.

Thank you for reading to the end today.



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