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Today, as I mentioned in my last blog, "Amazake and Diet", I would like to write about how to arrange amazake.

It's not really a recipe, so if you have amazake, you can try it right away.


Kome-koji amazake is made from rice, so it goes well with Japanese ingredients. The standard is miso that uses the same rice koji. It also goes well with soy sauce .

In addition, it goes well with fermented foods such as natto and kimchi . It's also perfect for softening the spiciness of kimchi.

Concentrated amazake is easy to use as a substitute for sugar . You can also use straight amazake, but since it already contains water, you have to add more to bring out the sweetness, so it will be watery.

Depending on the concentration of amazake used,

Generally, " 1 to 1.5 amazake to 1 sugar " is a guideline.

It's less sweet than sugar, so it's just right if you add a lot of it. Depending on the type, not only the sweetness but also the richness is different, so it may be a good idea to compare them.

 In addition, the paste type can be used without worrying about the graininess of the rice.

 So, you can use it in the same way you would use sugar, but I would like to introduce a very simple arrangement method that I would like you to try first.

* “Amami Miso Sauce” Miso 1: Concentrated amazake 1 to 1.5

You can put it on steamed vegetables or put it in stir-fried meat and vegetables. If you put it in a ziplock bag with meat or fish and leave it overnight, it will become more flavorful and softer.

* “Amama soy sauce sauce” Soy sauce 1: Concentrated amazake 1 to 1.5

⇒Using it in the same way as sweet miso sauce. Add ginger or garlic for an accent. It's delicious to put it on tofu or put it in natto.

 In addition, if you add sesame oil, add sesame paste, and combine it with various ingredients, the range of arrangements will expand at once.


As I wrote in my previous blog, amazake contains a lot of nutrients, so if you take it with a side dish, you can increase the nutrition of your usual meal, killing two birds with one stone.

Consuming amazake every day is the key to improving your health and immunity , so please continue to enjoy various arrangements.

Thank you for reading to the end today.




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