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In modern times, it is so nutritious that it is said to be a “drinkable drip”.

Koji amazake is attracting attention as an energy drink during hot summers, and as an energy drink to prevent colds and improve immunity in cold winters.

It has a long history and was an essential part of Japanese life.


Today, I will talk about the history of this koji amazake.

It may be of interest to history buffs.




There are various theories about the origin of koji amazake, but in Japan it dates back to the Kofun period .

In the Nihon Shoki, there is a description that ``Konohana Sakuya Hime , the god of sake brewing, created a drink called Amanotamuzake .''

As the kanji character suggests, it must have been a sweet sake. There is also a description of "koshu", and these two liquors are said to be the origin of the current koji amazake.

It was also called "one night sake" because it was completed in one night.


In the Heian period, aristocrats liked to drink chilled amazake.

Amazake started to spread in earnest in the Edo period . In the Edo period, when summer came, “Amazake-uri” would parade through the streets.

At that time, it is said that many people were exhausted during the hot summer months, and many of them became ill or even died before they could make it through the summer. Amazake, which is rich in nutrients and perfect for relieving fatigue, was very popular among the common people and must have been essential to survive the harsh summer heat.

In haiku, amazake is famous for being a summer season word . The situation is also depicted in the magazine "Morisadamanko" (published in 1840 ) of the time, and there were many amazake sellers in the streets of Edo, Osaka, and Kyoto. At that time, a cup of amazake was priced at 4 mon, which is said to have been sold for about 200 yen in today's terms.


Nutrients such as amino acids and glucose contained in koji amazake are indispensable for us today. I took advantage of the technology and put on the power to survive.

It can be seen that koji amazake was valued as a reliable drink that saved lives from such frequent crises .




This is the history of koji amazake.

Koji amazake has been passed down along with the history of the Japanese people. I want to cherish it even in modern times.


Until the end Thank you for reading.




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